IESE-Driven Startups Create 72,000 Jobs Worldwide and Raise $11.8 Billion in Capital

Career Climbers / 16th January 2023

Companies founded by IESE Business School’s community have created 72,000 jobs worldwide and raised $11.8 billion in capital as the school continues expanding its entrepreneurial ecosystem, according to a new report. This report measures the impact of...

The ISEG MBA: Preparing the Leaders of the Future

Career Climbers / 29th July 2020

Q. The ISEG MBA has enjoyed great success over the years, as have your students; therefore, what prompted the redesign? The world faces constant change; the same is true for the business world,...

Silicon Valley’s Calling

MBA Blog / 20th May 2016

The final stage of the ISEG MBA is reserved for what is known as the ‘cherry on top of the cake’ – up-close and personal contact with the unique ecosystem of Silicon Valley, home...