Top NFL Agent And Career Expert Shares New Guide For Mastering The Informational Interview To Land Your Dream Job

Career Climbers / 8th November 2023

While hundreds of books are devoted to complex formulas and theories about career advancement, self-improvement, and achieving success, Organ and Sims keep it simple. In The Informational Interview Playbook, they provide the strategies to master the one tactic you need to reach your highest professional potential: the informational interview.

Through personal experience, including co-founding Disruptive Sports Agency and networking extensively in the business and sports worlds, Organ has found the informational interview to be the single best way to prepare for and prioritize your goals. After using this tactic to build his business from the ground up and find immeasurable success as a sports agent to some of the biggest names in football, Organ knows firsthand the power the informational interview has to change lives.

“I’ve said for years that the idea of waiting for some imaginary perfect job listing to come across your screen is not the path to your dream job or your dream career,” writes Les Green, CEO of SLAM Magazine. “The Informational Interview Playbook is the secret weapon to actually making that happen, and now you can master it with this book.”

When you implement this plan, outlined in detail and ready to apply immediately, you learn the value of getting curious, aiming for excellence, and embracing a winning mindset. Whether you are in your first job out of college with ambitious dreams, are considering a career transition, or are an executive who wants to empower your organization with the tools they need to excel, The Informational Interview Playbook is a must-read blueprint for reaching your highest professional potential.

The Informational Interview Playbook is on sale now from AmazonBarnes & Noble, and Amplify Publishing.

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