Venture Capital Veterans Launch Touring Capital to Invest in Next-Generation Early Growth Stage SaaS Startups

Entrepreneurs / 14th September 2023

Nagraj KashyapPriya Saiprasad, and Samir Kumar have announced the launch of Touring Capital, a venture capital firm focused on investing in the next generation of early-growth stage, AI-powered SaaS startups around the world. Touring Capital’s founding partners previously led M12, Microsoft’s Venture Fund, and Qualcomm Ventures and have been in leadership roles at SoftBank Vision Fund II.

Touring Capital is partnering with Oakley Capital, a leading investment firm with $10 billion under management, to build a new venture capital platform. The platform will offer decades of experience spanning market cycles, the power of a tried-and-tested network across the global technology ecosystem, and a deliberate hands-on approach to value creation for portfolio companies. The team has already made its first investment by leading the latest financing round in Pixis, a cutting-edge AI-powered software for digital marketers.

Touring Capital is backed by institutional firms and family offices, as well as more than 20 former founders who previously worked with Touring Capital’s leadership, highlighting the team’s commitment to strong, long-lasting relationships with entrepreneurs.

Touring Capital’s founding team has worked together across three platforms since 2012, successfully building cultures that drive platform longevity and market-leading returns. Kashyap, Kumar, and Saiprasad have collectively invested in 16 unicorns and led 26 successfully exited investments, underscoring their deep connectivity and proven track record of venture capital investing across the global technology startup ecosystem. 

With a differentiated approach, Touring Capital aims to source deals in and outside of Silicon Valley and will be searching from coast to coast to identify exceptional founders. In addition to sourcing deals from across North America, the firm will focus heavily on emerging software ecosystems, including IndiaAustraliaIsrael and Europe. The firm’s debut fund will predominantly focus on investing in Series B and Series C rounds of category-defining SaaS companies powered by AI. 

“While we’re a first-time fund, we’re not a first-time team. Our partners bring more than sixty years of experience investing in best-in-class software unicorns including Zoom, Kahoot, Livongo, Outreach, Applied Intuition, Innovaccer, and Go1,” said Nagraj Kashyap, founding partner at Touring Capital. “Our deep, cross-generational industry expertise uniquely positions us to support entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds and equip them with a network of global relationships that extend beyond Silicon Valley and the U.S. We are committed to partnering with exceptional founders that are reshaping the software landscape through AI and supercharging their growth for long-term success.” 

“The Touring Capital team’s history of choosing emerging category winners is a testament to the impact they will have on every portfolio company they engage with,” said Peter Dubens, founding partner at Oakley Capital. “I am confident Touring Capital’s deep industry expertise and network will equip founders with the support they need to sustain rapid growth, and I am honored to be part of their journey as they build upon a global network of entrepreneurs who are transforming AI-fueled software to improve human productivity at-large.” 

Touring Capital believes we are on the cusp of significant, AI-driven transformations within software that will fuel major productivity gains for workers across all lines of business and sectors. To learn more about Touring Capital, visit

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