What Are The Essential Early Steps For Building Disruption In The Business World?

Entrepreneurs / 29th March 2024

First, Energy

Fire is a powerful analogy for disruption. Fires can be positive or negative, constructive or destructive. In all cases, though, fire is uncompromising. It’s a real force, and if you are not careful, you will, of course, get badly burned.

All leaders want to ignite and disrupt their chosen market, but many find themselves with a fire that splutters, spits and smokes a lot but has little impact. At the other end of the scale, what team wants to be led by an out-of-control wildfire that is simply too hot to manage? The best-case scenario is for a leader to have fire in their belly, igniting others with their vision for the future and for the resulting fire to be contained by a clear set of values intended to achieve a desired purpose.

Disruptors are often unpredictable and act way outside of the norms, but that’s what gets things done. They do this because they long for and see a different future (their purpose), decide that they are the person to make it happen and expend their energy to bring it about.

In short, to start disruption, we need to become consumed with purpose (the difference you want to make) because then we can’t fail to act. The greater the sense of purpose, the more energy is released. Energy is infectious. Energy makes change happen.

Disruptors think and act differently. They don’t take no for an answer. When they hear, ‘That is not how things are done around here,’ they ask, ‘Why not?’ If something makes no sense, they call it out. They don’t stop because of what others say and think. They are willing to give everything to achieve their goal. They are bold and courageous.

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