The Career Catalyst: Drexel LeBow’s Executive MBA

MBA Blog / 3rd April 2024

Alexandra Skinner talks to Drexel’s LeBow College of Business about their immersive, future-focused Executive MBA

Q. Experiential learning is at the core of the Executive MBA (EMBA) program. Can you talk about the experiences that students will receive during the course of the program?

A practical hands-on approach is embedded into the Drexel EMBA program, integrating experiential learning across all components of the experience.

The EMBA program offers two experiential residences per term (six terms), including:

  • Eight on-campus immersive residencies (one of which is Electives Week)
  • One international residency
  • Three virtual remote sessions

Each residency serves as a milestone in the EMBA experience. A five-day multidisciplinary Strategic Value and Financial Impact immersion kicks off the program, focusing on value creation across the enterprise and integrating critical thinking and decision-making across finance, strategy, marketing, and the supply chain. The program’s midpoint is an international residency, which adds a global perspective
to coursework and workplace experiences. The program concludes with an executive capstone, in which EMBA students use the knowledge they have gained from the variety of courses and combine it with their professional experiences to tackle executive-level scenarios from faculty and subject matter experts.

Q. You talk about your students becoming ‘changemakers’ over the course of the EMBA program. How does the faculty drive this development?

Drexel LeBow’s EMBA program leverages its research-active faculty, who are experts in their respective fields. They provide evidence-based perspectives and practical approaches to business in topics as wide-ranging as strategic change and innovation, aligning business and IT, and diversity in the workplace. Drexel University is an R1 research institution where faculty not only teach but also bring their expertise to ongoing research projects, publications, and more, working side by side with students who are ready to excel and be part of industry-leading research. To read the entire article, click here!

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